GM will be showing two new all-electric concepts within the next 18-months. And these will be the first of the 20 all-electric cars they would like to make by 2023.

At a press-conference in Detroit, Mark Reuss of GM, made a recommitment to "an all-electric future". And their prefernce for the type of electric technology are hydrogen fuel cells.

Future cars are promised to become better than the recently released Bolt, both in terms of their looks and functionality. This includes lighter cars and more battery cells.

GM also unveiled an electric-truck concept vehicle. It is called SURUS, Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure. The car is powered by two electric motors and built on top of a heavy-duty truck frame. Reuss said GM's focus would be on commercial applications like delivery trucks and ambulances, rather than passanger vehicles made by every other car manufacturer.

GM's announcement is one of the statements in the midst of a world-wide push for all-electric vehicles by all car manufactueres. Daimler AG, parent company of Mercedes Benz, announced it will offer an all-electric version of all of their cars by 2022. Volvo said it will seize production of all gas-only vehicles by 2019. And Volkswagen said it will electrify its entire 300 lineup by 2030.