The new Pixelbook from Google will be a cross between Lenovo's Yoga and Microsoft's Surface Book. It will have a blocky design with big keys, large trackpad, and 12.3 inch display. The price for the premium 2-in-1 laptop will start at $999. The base model will run on Intel's seventh generation i5 processor, with 8GB or RAM, and 128GB of storage. There will be two USB-C ports, and if you have a Pixel phone, you could set up for tethering automatically.

Similar to a dedicated Cortana key in some Windows laptops, and a dedicated Siri key on the new MacBooks, Pixelbook will have a dedicated key for it's own assistant, which you press and then talk or type to the assistant.

The Pixelbook will come with a stylus, which will support both pressure and angle, with only 10ms latency, and powered by AAA batteries.

Devices will start shipping on October 31st.