All four carriers will be offering the new update of the LG V series beginning next month. Verizon, however, will get a head start, and will be able to offer the phone in stores on October 5th. Others will be taking pre-orders on that date, but in-store availability will be different for each carrier. AT&T will offer it on October 6th, for $810. T-Mobile on October 13th, for $800. Sprint will be selling the 128GB V30+ version of the phone, but at a steeper price of $912.

This is the first device that will support T-Mobile's new 600Mhz LTE Spectrum, which means it is a device that will be 5G capable.

The V30 will have a 6" screen, 64GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, and two cameras in the back. One of those cameras will be super wide-angle, and the cameras will have unmatched manual controls. The phone will be water resistant, and you would be able to charge it wirelessly.