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Product: Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V 16GB Black Verizon Unlocked


Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked.

Operating system: Android 5, upgreadable to Android 6.

Processor speed: 2.5Ghz

Battery capacity: 2800 mAh. One of the few smartphones still in operation that have a removable battery.

Compact size, fits nicely into your hand.

Storage Capacity: 16GB, comes with an SD card slot for additional storage.

2 Cameras: 16MP rear, 2MP front


Wireless: 4G LTE with VoLTE or HD Voice, so this phone still works after phasing out of 3G which will complete in December 2022.

Bands: CDMA 1x/EVDO Rev A 800/1900 GSM 850/900/1800/1900 HSPA+/UMTS 850/900/1900/2100 LTE 4/13

The Verizon version of this phone will work with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, although it might take effort to get things like Voicemail to work properly.

Other ways to connect: Bluetooth, NFC (Near Field Communication), bring other galaxy phones close together to transfer data wirelessly.

Special features:

Heart rate sensor and stress level sensor, step counter, part of Samsung Health app.

Built-in audio and video editing apps, so you can edit your recordings without ads.

Water resistant? Yes, provided your charge port cover is still snug and tight.


5.6 in X 0.31 in X 2.85 in



UPC: 887276053875

Brand: Samsung

Price: $ 50.00

Condition: used - A Condition - product is fully functional and in Excellent cosmetic condition. Expect little to no scratches.

Availability: Out Of Stock

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Available from: Intellich

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Is S5 waterproof?

S5 is waterproof, provided your charge port cover is still snug and tight, and it hasn't been disassembled before (which may have introduced crevices around the edges of the screen, etc)

- 112 - 2022-03-16 19:30:36

How do you check battery life on Galaxy S5?

From the Home screen, go to Apps -> Settings. Tap Battery. You will see % of battery left on from its last charge, and how much resources each app uses. To check how much life a battery has left overall, you would need to install a third party app.

- 112 - 2022-03-16 19:30:15

Why is my S5 battery draining so fast?

A typical smartphone battery drains in about a day, just because of all the power their operating system consumes and energy it takes to display stuff on a large screen all day. If your phone drains faster than that, it's a sign that the battery needs to be replaced. Lithium batteries present in most smartphones typically last for about 3 years.

- 112 - 2022-03-16 19:29:56

Can you replace battery in Samsung Galaxy 5?

Yes, S5 is the last flagship Galaxy S series phone with a replaceable battery. To replace the battery on these phones, all you need to do is remove the back cover.

- 112 - 2022-03-16 19:29:36

What is my Galaxy S5 worth?

Typical current resale value of a used Galaxy S5 in good condition is $40. If you'd like us to help you sell your phone, click here.

- - 2022-03-16 19:23:39

How do I update my Android version?

Settings -> System tab -> About device -> Software update -> tap check for updates.

If the above method says no updates available, you can update it by downloading the Samsung Smart Switch software.

- 163 - 2022-03-08 07:30:46

How long will a Galaxy S5 last?

While the answer depends on many factors, Galaxy phones last for many years. The manufacturing quality can be considered on par with iPhones.

- 163 - 2022-03-08 07:30:22

Is Samsung S5 still supported?

Samsung no longer supports the device with updates. It can be updated to Android 6 though, so most apps on the market will still work on it.

- 163 - 2022-03-08 07:29:48

How old is Galaxy S5?

Galaxy S5 was released in 2014.

- 163 - 2022-03-08 07:29:26

Is Galaxy S5 still good in 2021?

It still works fine. In fact, it works better than many new phones. The latest upgradeable version without rooting is Android 6, so most apps on the Play store would still work with it. Rooting could allow upgrading to even later versions of Android.

- 163 - 2022-03-08 07:28:58

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