Kyocera 701KC Digno Keitai 2 Android Flip Phone

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Product: Kyocera 701KC Digno Keitai 2 Android Flip Phone


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Brand: Kyocera

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Condition: used - B Condition - product is fully functional and in Good cosmetic condition.

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Once you get a hold of this phone, you realize this is a next level device, not one of those cheap flip phones currently produced in the US. This phone is manufactured in Japan, and is not sold by US phone companies.

The phone is GSM unlocked. During testing, we've been able to get it to recognize T-Mobile network in the US, but haven't tested connection on the T-Mobile network. Assume the worst, that you would only be able to use this phone overseas, or as a WiFi device.

Phone is running Android 5 under the hood, but it has a unique user interface with an impressive amount of out-of-the-box features.

On the connectivity side, it can do WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and even Infrared transmissions.

Some of the built-in functionality includes: Notepad, Office Suite, Weather App, Flashlight, Pedometer (for counting steps), FM radio, TV receiver (although these are only for Japanese stations and would not work in the US), barcode reader, and sending of files using infrared transmissions.

Phone comes with 4GB of internal storage, with an SD card slot to expand capacity.

To charge it, you would use a standard micro-USB smartphone charger.

The secondary display on this phone looks very nice. You can't tell that its there until you press the power button with the phone closed, and then clock digits appear as if etched on the case. Pressing the power button again would cycle through battery charge percentage and the number of steps walked today.

The video camera on this phone comes with a neat feature, you could take pictures while recording a video.

There are a few menu entries which are in Japanese, but most are in English, including all the important ones.

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