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Product: Sonim XP5s XP5700 Verizon Phone


This is a single-SIM version of XP5.

This phone feels military grade tough. If you need a phone to take with you on a construction job, this would be it.

Besides its sturdy build, this phone also offers crystal clear call quality. You could hold it at a distance and hear clearly even without the speaker turned on.

This phone runs Android with basic Android apps installed, but there is no app store.

Installed apps: Browser, Messaging, Contacts, Phone, Gallery, Camera, Calendar, Music, FM Radio, Clock, Calculator, Sound Recorder, File Explorer, Verizon Push-to-Talk, Sonim App Provisioning.

While there is no app store, you could register your device through Sonim's app provisioning service to install apps for your organization.

Besides working on Verizon, this phone is unlocked for GSM carriers, like AT&T and T-Mobile, with support for many carriers throughout the world.

This phone is WiFi and Bluetooth capable, as well as equipped with Push-To-Talk button on the side. It is VoLTE capable, so it will continue working when 3G network is shut down.

To prevent accidental dialing in your pocket, the manufacturer built in a feature where you need to press and hold the * key to unlock the keys.

There is 2GB of internal storage, with an SD card slot to expand storage capacity.

Phone uses a unique charger, which is not included with the purchase.

How do you turn it on/off?

Press and hold the red End Call button.

Is it 3G or 4G?

It's both, it also has VoLTE.

Does it have GPS?

Yes, it has GPS. If you could figure out a way to install apps on it, for location services to be of any use.

What software does it run on?

It runs on Android OS

What kind of processor does it use?

Qualcomm MSM8926

What languages does it support?

It comes with English and Spanish support.

How do you use Sonim Push-To-Talk

You will need a Verizon SIM card installed into the phone to be able to use this service.

1. Press the Push-to-Talk button on the left side of the phone.

2. From the Contacts tab, select the desired contact and then press the Push-to-Talk button.

3. Continue holding the Push-To-Talk button while speaking, just like you would with a Walkie-Talkie.

4. Release the button to allow the other party to speak.

5. To end the call, press the Menu button, in the center of the top row on the keypad. And then select End Call.

How do you install apps on XP5?

- Press the MENU button, (the center button on the top row).

- Select Applications

- Select Downloads

- Press the upper left button on the keypad to display the options menu

- If you previously downloaded Android applications using the web browser, you will be able to press the Select option to install apps.

Model: XP5700

UPC: 096962276652

Brand: Sonim

Price: $ 34.99

Condition: used - B Condition - product is fully functional and in Good cosmetic condition. Expect light to moderate scratching.

Availability: 1 in stock

Shipping: FREE to Continental US, Contact us for international shipping quote.

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