Smartphone Dropshipping - Drop ship phones

What is drop shipping

Dropshipping is a form of business model where you can sell products online without needing to have them in stock. You upload products to your site, and advertise your site. When someone buys a product from your site, only then do you buy the product from the supplier. There is no need to invest in a huge inventory and guess which products will sell.

What is unique about Intellich Dropshipping program?

If you've been to dropshipping marketplaces, a lot of times they carry products nobody buys, or buys rarely. At Intellich, we sell something people use every day, phones! That's an always in-demand product, you can't go wrong with.

Completely Whitelabel

Build your own brand. We put your address on the shipping label. There are no invoices with our name or website address. There are no mentions of our company on the packaging.

Are there fees?

That's the best part about our dropshipping services. There are no sign up fees or monthly fees. We stock the product ourselves, we're not middlemen like the other dropshipping services. Other dropshipping directories make money on subscriptions. The products they list don't have to work. They make money regardless. We make money on selling the actual products. Not subscriptions.

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