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Product: LG Exalt VN220


LG Exalt is a higher-end flip phone designed to work with the Verizon network. Unplug from the digital world with this classic design flip phone. Or, if you must, install apps of your choosing, since it does run on Android.

Built-in Storage: 8GB (expandable with an SD card)

Connectivity: 4G LTE, VoLTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, Tethering, VPN

Headphone Jack: Yes

Charger: Micro-USB (Classic Android charge port)

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.1Ghz

Color: silver

Pre-installed Apps: Phone, Messages, Contacts, Camera, Gallery, Internet, Email, My Verizon, Verizon Cloud, Music, Voice Command, Voice Recorder, Calendar, Alarm, World Clock, Timer, Stopwatch, Calculator, Notepad, File Manger.

Language and Input

The phone support English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese. There is T9 support, to help you with typing. To toggle to T9 mode, press the upper left button on the keypad while in a text field.

There is a dedicated backspace button labeled as 'CLR'. This button is also used as the back key for navigating through apps. The '0' key doubles as the 'next' word button when using T9 for typing. The '#' key doubles as the 'space' key when typing. The '*' key doubles as the Shift key when you need to capitalize a letter.

There is a microphone button in the upper right corner of the keypad, used for dictating voice commands.

Factory Reset

To factory reset the phone, press the center key to view a list of apps.
- Select the Settings app
- Select Phone Settings
- Select Reset
- Select Factory date reset
You can also clear system settings to defaults from here, without erasing the phone.


To set up email, go to the Settings app
- Select Phone settings
- Select Accounts
- Press the upper right key on the keypad to go to Options
- Select Add Account
- Select Email
- If you are adding a Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Verizon.net, Microsoft Exchange email account, select one of those from the menu. For all other providers, select Other. Input your email and password, and press the upper left key on the keypad to Check your credentials and add the account.


This phone has a dedicated button to toggle speakerphone. It it located towards the upper right corner of the keypad, just below the left options key. Speakerphone can be enabled only while you are in a call.

There a physical volume keys on the left side of the phone. To quickly switch to vibrate mode, press and hold the '#' key.

The phone has a headphone jack on the right side.

Operating System

LG VN220 runs some sort of Android under the hood.


Camera can be accessed by pressing the dedicated camera button on the right side of the phone. Pressing this key while in the camera app, will take a picture. The camera has a timer feature, which allows you to set a timer of up to 10 seconds before the picture is taken. To set a timer, press the upper right options key on the keypad, and select Timer.

You could also take videos with this phone. To switch to video mode, press the upper right options key and then select Record video. The


UPC: 00652810800723

Brand: LG

Price: $ 299.00

Condition: used - B Condition - product is fully functional and in Good cosmetic condition. Expect light to moderate scratching.

Availability: Out Of Stock

Shipping: FREE to Continental US, Contact us for international shipping quote.

Available from: Intellich

Store Category: Mobile Phones


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How do you turn it on/off?

Press and hold the red END call button. It has PWR written in smaller letters on top of the button.

- 163 - 2022-05-15 04:32:31

How do I delete messages on the LG Exalt?

Go to Messages, Highlight the message you'd like to delete, go to Options and select Delete

- 163 - 2022-03-16 07:37:22

How do I access voicemail on it?

Voicemail can be checked by dialing *86. You could also press and hold the '1' key.

- 163 - 2022-03-16 07:35:56

Does it have internet?

It comes with a browser for browsing internet, which can be done through LTE or WiFi.

- 163 - 2022-03-16 07:33:09

Does it have Bluetooth?

Yes, it does

- 163 - 2022-03-16 07:31:47

When did it come out?

March 8, 2018

- 163 - 2022-03-16 07:29:00

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