Sonim XP5800 Dual-SIM Unlocked

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Product: Sonim XP5800 Unlocked Dual-SIM Work Phone


Built tough.

Dual-SIM world phone.

This phone is designed for the most demanding work environments. When you're on a job site, carrying a regular flimsy phone just won't cut it. When you've got work to do, getting constantly distracted by notifications from all sorts of apps, is simply not productive. This phone solves both of those problems.

When you take it into your hands, it feels like a brick. The glass on this phone is designed to withstand much greater impacts that a regular phone.

Enjoy loud crispy clear voice quatlity when you need to talk in noisy environments.


UPC: 0096962276119

Brand: Sonim

Price: $ 80.00

Condition: used - B Condition - product is fully functional and in Good cosmetic condition. Expect light to moderate scratching.

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Available from: Intellich

Store Category: Mobile Phones


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