Tech News

Samsung will be making more from iPhone X parts than from Galaxy S8

As you might have heard, Samsung makes some components for iPhones. Samsung is the only company that can make OLED displays, NAND flash, and DRAM c

Meet Parker - a dissectable Augmented Reality teady bear

Parker is completely plush with no batteries, cameras, or other electronics embedded inside. Instead, children can use wooden accessories to intera

Google Clips - the camera with AI powers

Besides phones, laptos, and home devices, Google announced it will release it's own camera. This camera will be Artificial Intelligence smart t

Google Pixelbook - the first high-end Chromebook in years

The new Pixelbook from Google will be a cross between Lenovo's Yoga and Microsoft's Surface Book. It will have a blocky design with big key

The Windows Phone OS is officially abandoned

Microsoft officially announced it will no longer develop new features and hardware for the Windows Phone. As most things official are now announced

GM will release 20 all-electric cars by 2023

GM will be showing two new all-electric concepts within the next 18-months. And these will be the first of the 20 all-electric cars they would like

Google Pixel 2 Rumors

The next Pixel 2 will come made by two companies, LG and HTC. HTC will be releasing the Pixel 2 and LG will be releasing the Pixel 2XL.

Microsoft almost released a bezel-less smartphone ahead of everybody else

It turns out Microsoft was working on a smartphone codenamed "Vela", that had a bezel-less design, way before Samsung, Google, or Apple h