ZTE Z320 Flip Phone - Verizon - Black

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Product: ZTE Z320 4G LTE Flip Phone Verizon Black


SKU: 205698

UPC: 00885913105659

Brand: ZTE

Price: $ 39.99

Condition: used - B Condition - product is fully functional and in Good cosmetic condition.

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4G LTE flip phone with basic tool apps.

Apps installed with on this phone: internet browser, audio and video players, weather app, sound recorder, calling, messaging, camera, calendar, calculator, alarm, stopwatch, timer. Just the basics, without distractions.

There is no WiFi, just LTE. VoLTE ready.

You can transfer files through Bluetooth and Android File Manager, as it runs some version of Android, but looks like a regular flip phone.

Locked to Verizon prepaid only.

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