About Intellich

Intellich.com is an online marketplace of independent sellers.


All our phones are shipped free to all US states. Contact us for a shipping quote to other countries.

Order Status

Once your phone ships, we email you a tracking number, so you could check the status of your shipment. You may also check the status of your shipment by clicking on Order Status in the menu above.

Hassle-free returns

Issues with the phone? No problem. Just email us or generate a free return label on our Returns page, to return your purchase.

Easy Checkout

We've built our website from the ground up to make checkout as simple as possible. All it takes is 2 clicks to get to checkout. We hate shopping on websites were you need to fill out a 2-page questionnaire to buy 1 product. We don't even require account creation to buy.

Privacy and Security

We don't store your credit card information, your address, your phone number, or even your email address online. That's peace of mind in a world where websites get hacked daily. Fact is, every website you have ever created an account on, was probably hacked at some point, whether you have heard about it or not. From small personal sites to sites of largest corporations. From our years of experience with modern technologies, we understand that there's a backdoor to every back door when it comes to computers. The only way to prevent leaking of consumer information is to just not store it online. So that's what we do.

Environmental Responsibility

A lot of phones are produced in the world every year. These phones contain many bad chemicals that pollute our blue planet. That is why we embrace the reuse, reduce, recycle culture. We sell a lot of pre-owned phones to give them a second life, instead of throwing them out. We have also created a recycling program where we offer you a FREE shipping label to ship your old or broken phone instead of just throwing it into the dumpster (which is illegal, by the way).

Social Responsibility

Phones were created as tools, but they have become a major addiction that is screwing up society in more ways than one. That's why we offer cleaned up versions of phones for kids (and adults who are ready to break free of the addiction). We offer kid versions of phones throughout the site. If you find a model that doesn't list a kid version, contact us so that we could get them koshered prior to shipping.

Are we WOKE Compliant?

Some of our customers may have experienced discomfort due to our listing of products or links which bear religious or conservative sentiment. We understand the feeling, as that is how we feel when shopping companies which push WOKEism unapologetically. And 99% of retailers online and offline do. So that's OK when a few companies push the alternative. We believe this culture of using social pressure and the government to police opinions of people has gone too far in this nation. And that is ok for business owners to have alternative political opinions.

Do we buy phones?

Yes, we do. If you have a phone that still has market value, why not cash it in to offset the costs of a new purchase? Contact us for a competitive buy offer for your existing phones.