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List of phones with unlockable bootloaders

If you're looking to install a different operating system on your phone, you really don't have many options. Manufacturers and carriers cho

List of 4G VoLTE phones

Wondering if your phone will continue working after 3G shutdown? Here is the list of phones that are both 4G capable and VoLTE capable, requiremen

Microsoft almost released a bezel-less smartphone ahead of everybody else

It turns out Microsoft was working on a smartphone codenamed "Vela", that had a bezel-less design, way before Samsung, Google, or Apple h

From our Customers

You made my day! My situation is this: smartphone isn't working but I don't want a smartphone. I ordered flip phone from Japan instead. So, either it works or I just don't have a functional phone bc I have no interest in buying a new phone from Verizon or anyone else. I have ordered one (and am still waiting for it to arrive). After striking out with two other phones, it looked like this might work. I'll let you know if it does. - Elias