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Product: ZTE Z233VL Cymbal for TracFone


ZTE Z233VL is a basic flip phone made for the TracFone network. It comes with an internet browser, which can be used over cellular network only. It can record video and take pictures. It can connect through Bluetooth, and cellular, but no WiFi. It is 4G LTE ready, with VoLTE. There is an audio jack. The battery is easily replaceable by simply removing the back cover.

Pre-installed Apps

Camera, Gallery, Contacts, Phone, Messages, Calendar, Clock, Music, Browser, Settings, Files, Calculator, Weather, Downloads, Music, Video, FM Radio, Sound Recorder.

How do I copy files to this device

  • Bluetooth
  • Android File Transfer Software available for Windows and Mac

Does this phone run Android?

You would never tell it does. The interface looks like it runs on an old-school feature-phone software. But it does run some minimized version of Android. The first clue comes when you go to check the About phone screen in settings. You find out it runs on a 3.10.49 Linux kernel. When you connect it to a computer, Android File Transfer software launches, like what happens when you connect a typical Android smartphone.

Languages and Keyboard

This phone comes with English and Spanish keyboards pre-installed. There is typing assistance, dubbed TouchPal, which predicts words you may be typing while requiring pressing the number keys once. While typing, you can opt in for auto-correction, contextual and next word prediction, auto saving of new words to dictionary, auto space, auto capitalization, and importing of contact names into dictionary. You could also add new words to dictionary manually. To not lose all the words saved into your dictionary, you could backup the dictionary to an SD card, and restore the backup later. Another nice typing feature, is the addition of a dedicated Clear button to the physical keyboard. The '0' key doubles as the space key.


When you navigate to the Contacts app, you see two ways of adding contacts. One is the manual method. And the other one is importing from a vCard. The way the second option works, is you import a vCard file to somewhere on the phone via Bluetooth or Android File Transfer software, and then click Import Contacts button in the Contacts app. You will be prompted with Import from Storage dialog box, after selecting which, it will search your phone's memory for a vCard file, and add all the contacts from that file into your phone's contacts. Pretty neat, we must say.


Phone is capable of sending both plain text and MMS messages. Messages can be accessed by pressing the upper right button on the keyboard when you're on the home screen. Once you do that, you will be presented with a list of messages you have received. Pressing the upper left button on the keyboard will get you an options dialog menu for messages, where the second option would be Multi-Select for deleted multiple message, and the very first option is to write a new message. If you'd like to add something besides plain text to a message, click the upper left button on the keyboard while the cursor is in the message box. This will give you a menu to insert a Smiley, a Contact, a Quick Text phrase, or Attach a picture or video.

Model: Z233VL

UPC: 0616960190585

Brand: ZTE

Price: $ 17.99

Condition: B Condition - product is fully functional and in Good cosmetic condition. Expect light to moderate scratching.

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Available from: Intellich

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How do you text on a ZTE z233vl?

From the main screen, press the upper right button on the keypad. This will open the Messaging app. Press the upper right key on the keypad to open the messages menu, then use the lower arrow button on the keypad to select New Message, and click the center key.

- 163 - 2022-03-18 05:23:40

How do I add contacts to my ZTE Z233VL TracFone?

From the main screen, press the left options button at the very top of the keypad, which will option the Contacts app, where you can add and edit contacts. If you transfer a Contacts vcf file to the phone, you can click the Import Contacts button and it will find that file and add the contacts from that file into the address book.

- 163 - 2022-03-18 05:23:20

Does the ZTE Z233VL have WIFI?

No it doesn't

- 163 - 2022-03-18 05:22:53

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